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The Applications for Cinnamic Acid

Applications in spices

Cinnamic acid itself is a kind of spice, which has a good aroma retention effect. It is usually used as a fragrance ingredient to make the aroma of the main spice more volatile. Various esters of cinnamic acid (such as Methyl ester, Ethyl ester, Propyl ester, Butyl ester etc.) can be used as fixatives in beverages, cold drinks, candy, alcohol and other beverages and foods.

Application in food additives

Synthesis of L-phenylalanine from cinnamic acid by microbial enzymatic method. L-Phenylalanine is the main raw material of an important food additive – Aspartame. Cinnamic acid has a strong excitatory effect and can be widely added directly to food. It is already an ingredient allowed to be added in China’s food standard GB2760.


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