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Cixiang conducts fire safety training and fire emergency drills

In recent years, safety accidents such as fires in pharmaceutical factories and laboratories have occurred frequently. In order to improve employees’ self-protection awareness and self-rescue and self-care capabilities, in the third quarter of 2022, Cixiang Pharmtech carried out fire safety training and fire emergency drills in the company. Actively implement the spirit of safety education and fully implement the safety theme of “everyone is a line of defense”.

Safety Training

During the training, the lecturer combined with typical fire cases and focused on the construction of the “four capabilities” of the unit’s fire safety, and explained in detail how to check and eliminate fire hazards, how to extinguish early fires, and how to escape and save oneself correctly. The training language is vivid, combined with reality, close to life, and has strong educational significance.

Evacuation Drill

Keep calm, evacuate in an orderly manner, and prohibit pushing and shoving. With the sound of the fire alarm, the exercise officially began. Under the guidance of the fire safety officer, the employees participating in the exercise evacuated from the safety exit in an orderly manner in accordance with the evacuation precautions explained in the training.

Fire Drill

There is no exercise in life, and prevention is always important. At the end of the event, the preaching teacher explained to everyone the correct use of common fire extinguishing equipment such as fire extinguishers and hose guns, and organized fire extinguishing drills to further consolidate everyone’s ability to extinguish initial fires.

Keep fire safety in mind! This fire safety drill provided a vivid “safety lesson” for the workers. Through the drill, everyone became more clear about the fire hazards, the methods of escape and self-rescue, and the points that need to be paid attention to when escaping, so as to prevent the occurrence of stampede and other incidents. In the future work, our company will also continue to sound the safety alarm, so that safety is always with us!


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