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Zaoyang Cixiang Pharmaceutical Technology Co.,Ltd was formly konw as Zhongcheng company which was established in year 2009. Cixiang has more than 10 years experience in research, development, production and sales of cinnamon series flavors and fragrances, fine chemicals, intermediates and food additives. Cixiang is the biggest factory in China in this sector.

The company has the most advanced automatic production line and advanced production technology in the world. The “Zhongzi” automatic control system ensures precise operation, scientific formula and safe production.

Cixiang’s four series of cinnamic acid, cinnamaldehyde, cinnamon ester and imidazole ethanol cover more than 90% of the provinces in China. The output of cinnamon series products ranks first in the country. The products are widely used in aviation and navigation, military equipment, agricultural production, medical care, beauty and skin care, tobacco, wine, non-staple food, electronic products and other fields.

The annual capacity will reach 40000 tons after the second phase of the project is put into production. The output value is more than 1.5 billion yuan, the profit and tax is 150 million yuan, and it strives to be listed in five years.

Leading with technology, Cixiang Pharmaceutical will always keep the original aspiration and forge ahead vigorously to be the best cinnamon series manufacturer in China, and to set a new world-class chemical benchmark!


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