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Ethyl Cinnamate

Ethyl cinnamate, also known as β-ethyl phenylacrylate and ethyl 3-phenylpropionate, is a colorless oily liquid at room temperature. With the properties of a general ester, ethyl cinnamate can be added to cigarette shreds as a flavor enhancer and flavor compensator.

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This product exists in natural styrax, has a fruit-like aroma, and has a clear and sweet breath. It works better when used in combination with claret oil and natural fruit essential oils, especially in face powders, perfumes, and essences. It can also be used in edible bayberry essences. This product is also used in organic synthesis. It is used in the perfume industry, as blending of Claria oil and citrus oil, in the preparation of Cologne perfume and oriental floral essence, and as a fragrance fixative. It can also be used in edible bayberry essence. Can be used as a general reagent.

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