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3-Phenylpropionic Acid

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3-Phenylpropionic Acid is a chemical substance with the molecular formula C9H10O2. This product is the fixative of spices. It is used as medicine intermediate and organic synthesis.

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It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, and has been gradually paid attention to as pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates. Because of its good solubility, the nature of sublimation at low temperature directly determines its special effect of aroma enhancement, and it is also widely used in ice cream, beverages, candy, biscuits and other foods that need to show aroma; To coordinate the overall flavor of flavor enhancing products, as a base material, it has the efficacy of sweetening, flavor enhancing, acid suppression, bitterness suppression, deodorization, corrosion prevention, high temperature resistance, etc., as an antioxidant to prevent adverse reactions of food, extend the storage time of food, modify and balance food, and make food flavor more natural, pure, stable and lasting, which is used in food additives, essence, spices and other fragrance industries.

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